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Mbeki Aids denial ’caused 300,000 deaths’

The Real Deal

“South African president’s refusal to accept medical evidence of virus was major obstacle to providing medicine, say Harvard researchers”

This tag line after you read it can send chills down my spine. In 2008 Harvard University did a research in South Africa finding that former president Thabo Mbeki was responsible for over a third of a million people… that’s right a THIRD OF A MILLION PEOPLE.
Its hard to say how Mbeki sleeps at night. His ignorance towards AIDS, and being swept under the wing of Aids denialists like Peter Duesberg from Berkeley, California.

I did the majority of my research for my last paper on this, and still find it so hard to believe that people can just say science is fake. Its SCIENCE!

I’ve tried to look outside the box and actually understand the belief of Aids denialist but I cannot.

and not so mad about that.

Denis Agovic

Denis Agovic

Writing in the Age of AIDS



AIDS is a very complicated topic, that invokes feelings of the unknown and the fear of death. For many people this topic of AIDS is too taboo to discuss, and many people are left uneducated about prevention and treatments of this fatal disease. But what about the many people who have been diagnosed with HIV/AIDS? Many questions arise about those already diagnosed, and we wonder how they must feel. This feeling can be seen through the song lyrics of Alice in Chains’ song Down in a Hole where the lyrics state, “Down in a hole and they’ve put all the stones in their place. I’ve eaten the sun so my tongue has been burned of the taste. I have been guilty of kicking myself in the teeth. I will speak no more of the feelings beneath”. This lyric could be…

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So after rereading my essay, I’m actually happy with the ideas that I have found of crazy conspiracy theories. To me the research was the most interesting part about writing this paper. It is completely crazy how many ideas have formed stating that AIDS isn’t a big deal, or doesn’t exist. My jaw dropped at the five ideas I researched, it is like some of the articles that I have gone over are by authors that, in my personal opinion, haven’t ever stepped foot into a science class before. So the first topic I talk about is how a very conservative right winged RV states that all AIDS is a punishment from god. This to me was not the most out of control issue I found. The one that caught my eye the most was how the words of the president’s former pastor stated in a sermon that he believed AIDS was formed by the government to decrease the population of African Americans. Now, I’m paraphrasing exactly what he said, but it really was not that belligerent of a clame to me made for the sermon he was given. What spun this statement out of control was a highly overpopulated article written by a third party person with no creditable sources saying how the first person who was diagnosed with AIDS was a little black boy. This boy only was found after a mass vaccine was releases in NY and CA. BOOM! There you have it, a complete explosion of missleading information saying that hey, Governments wants to kill African Americans.


Taylor second essay had a well-rounded idea about the ACT-up movement. Giving all of the information that was presented to us in the essay assignment, about ACT-UP and the “robin hood” tax that was protested about during Occupy Wall Street in 2012, Taylor had generalized with this in his first opening paragraph. What I would have like to have seen is more detail about the viedo